Friday, 31 October 2008

More life drawings of Elly

These are all shorter than 15 minute poses as Elly was fading after a stressful train journey.


Elly is a fantastic model. Her face looks nothing like the 'boyish' shape I have drawn in the bottom one of these - don't know what I was thinking of - certainly not looking properly!

Ink drawing for a change

I decided to use ink in this session. Was a bit disappointed with the paper.
I prefer to use "Seawhite" cartridge paper from paintworks - only 20p a sheet if bought in bulk - which is decent value for an acid free paper. a London shop

Life drawing the male nude

long and shorter poses

New Model Miko

New season, new models.
I continue to find great models through RAM and
I find it good practice to study a variety of models so that my mind doesn't trick me into relying on familiarity and memory, and I have to keep looking.
It is the looking that creates the energy and concentration which is really fulfilling in these precious 2 1/2 hours a week.

Autumn restart

Getting back to drawing now the winter is drawing in...